About a+r

adventure + rebellion is a family website, chronicling our life and travel! You can read more about us here.

Our site name comes from the movie Tangled, when Flynn comforts Rapunzel by saying, “This is part of growing up. A little rebellion, a little adventure, that’s good. Healthy, even.” I couldn’t agree more. Life is nothing without a little adventure and rebellion.

This site was originally going to just chronicle our Disney adventures, but it’s grown into more with the addition of parenting and lifestyle posts. Still, you’ll find a lot of Disney content. What makes us unique is that we only write about our own experiences – if we review a hotel, restaurant, ride, or destination, it’s because we traveled there as a family. I┬átry to keep information as current as we can, but please always check destination websites before making your own plans!

If you’re interested in contributing to our site or have information you’d like to see us cover, please feel free to email! We love interacting with our readers and hearing about their own experiences too! We are also always happy to answer questions or provide input!

If you’re interested in having a product or destination featured on our site, email Amy at amy@adventureandrebellion.com. Please be advised that we are picky about what we review and believe in honesty with our readers first and foremost. We’d love to hear from you!