About Us

the adventure + rebellion family



I’m the primary writer behind adventure + rebellion. Originally from South Florida, I practically grew up on Main Street USA. After college, I moved to New Orleans. I have a background in nonprofit development and elementary and music education. Outside of this site, I’m also the Science Mom and contribute to several other websites. I love coffee, rock n roll, science, history, literature, and bad television.


My husband grew up in New Orleans. He’s an introverted IT nerd who loves energy drinks, rock n roll, fast cars, conspiracy theories, tinkering, and animals.


Ruby is almost 4. She is wildly intelligent, creative, and tender hearted. She loves outer space, dinosaurs, and art, but dance is her one true love. She’s obsessed with Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Doc McStuffins, the Evil Queen, and My Little Pony.


Lucy is 18 months old. She’s the most independent and fearless kid I know. She’s always smiling and snacking. Her primary interests include playing with breakable things, climbing on things she shouldn’t, trying to dance like Ruby, and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.


the adventure + rebellion friends


Jessica is a lifelong friend and also our travel agent. She specializes in Disney vacations, as well as a whole range of other destinations! Jessica also grew up on Main Street USA and was a cast member for 10 years. She’s passed on her love of Disney to her husband David and their children and grandchildren. Jessica’s deep knowledge of all things Disney will really blow your mind. Amy loves to try to stump her, but hasn’t yet!