Plus Sized in the Parks

I often see people asking about being a larger person and fitting on rides. No one wants to be embarrassed in front of friends at the most magical place on earth, right?

I am plus sized and also have a very large chest. On our first two family trips, I was also nursing and worried about harnesses squeezing me too tight and causing me to spring a leak!

I was pleasantly surprised to find that most rides were a comfortable fit. Below, I’ve listed my exceptions with some details, so you can decide for yourself if you want to ride!


Magic Kingdom

The Barnstormer – This is a kid coaster, so the cars are smaller than your average ride. I was able to fit totally comfortably with Ruby, but it was a tight squeeze with my cousin. Two plus sized people definitely wouldn’t fit comfortably in a single car together. Ask for your own!

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – This one isn’t about comfort at all, but more of a warning. If you’re riding with a small child, hold on to them tightly! When the lap bar was secured across my lap, it left a lot of wiggle room for Ruby. You kind of come out of your seat on that ride already, so hold on to your child, so they don’t panic!

Mad Tea Party – I fit comfortably in my tea cup with no problems, but if you carry a lot of weight in your tummy, this ride might be a tight squeeze. If you’re extra tall or have mobility issues, I would skip it!

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – The ride seat is fine, but the individual lap bars are snug across thick thighs. I opted to kind of cross my legs and it was a more comfortable fit, but it wasn’t great. The ride was completely worth the squeeze for me, but if you have extremely thick thighs and don’t want to have bars digging into them, this might be one to skip.

Space Mountain – The actual seat is perfectly fine, but some people report it being hard to get in and out of seats, depending on your mobility. I didn’t have a problem with this, but wanted to include it!



I had no problems here. I’ve heard others say that their thighs touched the rider(s) next to them on Mission Space and Soarin’, so if you’re self conscious, that’s something to consider. Some people also reported having a hard time with the seat belts in Test Track. I can see this, since the seats are somewhat molded. If you’re riding with friends or family, you can always ask them to help or quietly flag down a cast member. I’d also suggest that you try to take an outside seat on Test Track, so you feel more stable through the tests!


Hollywood Studios

Again, I had no problems. Even on Rock’n Rollercoaster with my large chest full of milk. If you have mobility issues, ask for the first seat (which may mean you have to wait a little extra, since it’s a highly desired seat!).

Across parks, the theater seats are tight, so that’s something to consider if you’re bashful about your size and find regular movie theater seats tight (I think the theater seats at Disney are a little smaller). Personally, I put my daughters on either side of me, so I didn’t have to think twice about it. You could also request an end seat from a cast member and they’ll do their best to accommodate you.


Animal Kingdom

Dinosaur – My advice here is much in the spirit of 7DMT. You get tossed around a good bit and some plus sized people report even getting bruised on this ride, but I didn’t have that experience. I definitely was jostled around a fair amount, but it wouldn’t keep me from riding it again.

Flight of Passage – This ride really comes down to your unique body type. I’ve heard from size 18 women who said they couldn’t fit, but then size 26 women who said they could. It’s all about where you carry your weight and your height. They have a seat outside that you can try and, even though some people are embarrassed by it, I highly suggest you try for yourself. Don’t let your fear of some strangers judging you keep you from the best ride at Disney! (That pep talk is as much for me, as for you!)

Kali River Rapids – I have read that these seat belts can be a tight fit for “Baloo sized” guests, but I haven’t ridden it to give my input!


If you have any other rides that you’ve found uncomfortable, didn’t fit in, or have suggestions for, leave us a comment or send a message! I’d love to update my list with more information from other plus sized riders!



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