Lunch and Dinner at T-REX

Cost: $15 – 34.99

Food: T-REX features your typical American restaurant style menu, with salads, burgers, pastas, chicken, and steak. Even though it’s typical, it’s also delicious! Our entire party really enjoyed their waffle fries and all of the appetizers we split. I give my personal recommendation for the Guac-asaurus Burger, because you can never have enough guac. Ruby was a huge fan of the Dino-shaped chicken nuggets, which I’m fairly sure are the same we pick up at the grocery, but Disney apparently makes them more delicious.

Rating: 4 out of 5 frying pans

About Our Experience(s): This was our first stop on our Thanksgiving trip to meet up with Orlando friends and family who wouldn’t be joining us in the parks. We were seated in the ice cavern, which was the neatest experience (although terrible lighting for picture taking)! I love the attention to detail at this restaurant so much. We are big dinosaur lovers and Ruby loved every second spent at T-REX. The adults all enjoyed delicious alcoholic beverages in souvenir glasses and Ruby got a special icee served in a neat kids’ souvenir cup complete with a dinosaur head! If your child loves dinosaurs, I would say this is a MUST DO.

More Information

Location: Disney Springs

Transportation Options: Take a bus from your resort, travel by boat from select Disney Springs area resorts, drive (park in the Lime Garage), or use a car service!

Things to Know: This restaurant is busy, so plan to leave your stroller outside, even if you have an infant with you. There’s a Build-A-Dino Workshop and beautiful gift shop that will delight dinosaur fans both young and old!

While You’re There: Walk over to the Lego Store after your meal. It’s such a fun place, especially when your little ones’ imaginations have been woken up by dinosaurs!

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